Schiller – Tal des Himmels

Schiller - Tal des Himmels

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Schiller – Tal des Himmels
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Universal, 2016

While he stayed at Sky Valley, California, German musician Schiller composed an additional album for the Ultra-Deluxe-Edition of “Future”, which is inspired by and dedicated to the power of nature.

“Tal des Himmels” is a fully instrumental electronic music release presented in seven parts sounding completely different from the very mediocre outcome of the major album. The result is a dreamy, lush and uplifting atmosphere with an occasional beat/rhythm/sequencer-spiced part passing by. It’s a warm, comfortable and welcome place to dwell in, far away from any hectic, stress or boundaries, somewhere out there where the elements breathe softly.

This is mood music with an overall positive vibe and the right energy currents floating around. I’m glad something good came out of Schiller’s “Future” at last.


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