Schönwälder & Rothe – Filter-Kaffee 101

Schönwälder & Rothe - Filter-Kaffee 101

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Schönwälder & Rothe – Filter-Kaffee 101

“Filter-Kaffee 101” is the first collaborative project by Mario Schönwälder & Frank Rothe, who composed the music for this album between 2007 and 2011.

The 66-minute outcome, presented as eight different “cups”, is melodic and rhythmic sequencer music featuring lots of vintage sound textures and warm solos hovering over them. Its mellow and well-tempered atmosphere also has a certain contemporary technical feel, while at the same time carefully incorporating the profound retro sound and feel of ‘70’s electronic music.
I’m confident fans of the Berliner School style will be quite fond of this release.

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