Scott Lawlor – Daedalus

Scott Lawlor - Daedalus

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Scott Lawlor – Daedalus
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Earth Mantra, 2015

The works of Scott Taylor fit the bill most satisfactory if you’re into imaginary and long form spacemusic. “Daedalus” is the soundtrack for a probe that was never build/designed despite initial ideas in the ’70’s, as it journeys for many years through the grand design of the interstellar void.

The continuous 73-minute result is a lush wandering and overall floating soundscape taking the listener into the expansive and deep realms of the cosmos. The drone-based music comes to the listener in evocative waves and ethereal tapestries as it penetrates atmospheres where the interplay of dark and light becomes more and more intense, the conditions grow more extreme and the final destination (Barnard’s Star in the constellation Ophiuchus) is still very far ahead. Still, the feeling of hope and the longing for discovery of new worlds beyond keeps things going, which is reflected in the drifting music appropriately.

Summarizing, “Daedalus” works fine both as imaginary space travel and relaxed sonic backdrop. The album is available as free download from the netlabel’s website



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