Scott Lawlor – Neptune

Scott Lawlor - Neptune

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Scott Lawlor – Neptune

During the years, the fine earthMANTRA netlabel has already brought lots of interesting ambient/space artists to my attention.

“Neptune”, subtitled “the Mystical Blue World”, is the second release on this netlabel by Texas-based composer Scott Lawlor, who hereby present six nicely molded pieces of uplifting, graceful cosmic music with symphonic hints occasionally, inspired for the most part by Gustav Holst’s “Neptune, the Mystic” from his suite “The Planets”.

Mr Lawlor’s sonic approach is minimal, freeform and quite heavenly, depicting the grand but always serene spheres up above to imaginary effect throughout the continuous 73-minute ride. The long form drone textures with occasional bell tones evolve harmonious, very slowly but distinctively. At the same time, the meandering chord progressions leave a certain meditative scent while gentle space winds pass by. For me, the ebb and flow of soft breathing and expanding spheres culminates best on the expansive “The Great Ocean” and “The Wizard’s Eye”, contrary to the rather superficial currents making up “Dark Vortex” which drag on too long.

I’m convinced though some further accurate mastering and mixing will open up and further improve the overall impact of this already fascinating outer space travelogue.
“Neptune” is available as a free legal download.



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