Seamus – Forever

Seamus - Forever

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Seamus – Forever
CD, Silentes, 2005

Seamus is a collaborative project of Amir Baghiri and Stefano Gentile: Amir composed all music while Stefano created the concept and made all photo’s.

The music can be categorized as minimal ambient techno, executed in a smooth but rather unusual manner. Next to some vocal samples the album also captures a certain sense of stillness. But the funny thing of the slightly cinematic soundscape-like music is it also visits lots of strange corners, losing any direction from time to time as it starts wandering around. Track 2 features some static monotone sequencing, while track 5 also seems rather pointless but then things start to evolve slowly in an engaging way. “Sorrow” on the other hand sounds experimental and drony, which also applies to the piece after that. A straight forward electro sequence pops up in the psychedelic whirlings of “Why?”, but again I felt a certain sense of stillness here.

The quiet form of Amir’s ambient music takes the backseat on this a record, but still can be noticed if one takes attention. Still, the uninterrupted. well produced musical excursions on “Forever” are rather strange but make up for a special album which demands a special ear to find appreciation.



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