Secondface – Limitless 014

Secondface - Limitless 014

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Secondface – Limitless 014
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Limitless Audio, 2010

Like the album “Inspiring Silence”, “Limitless” contains music Danish composer Frank Vilbæk Jensen was able to compose in a period he spent on a sort-of reform school that also had an electronic music line.

The album reveals the composers first steps into the ambient chill-out genre, containing four pieces of freeform and spacious soundscaping that vaguely reminds of Chicane occasionally in the opening track “Sources of Sound”. On the second piece, a rim of down-tempo shows up when some beats enter the scene. The realm of space is entered on the excellent non-rhythmic “Thirteen”, where also some vintage textures are used. The final piece “Passing Endless Fields” is the least consistent and rather restless to my ears, using modulated patches that seem to go nowhere. To me, the outcome as a whole is mediocre, but the path taken on “Thirteen” is most rewarding.

“Limitless” is available as free download from the Hungarian Limiteless Audio net-label.


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