Secondface – Minus Degrees

Secondface - Minus Degrees

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Secondface – Minus Degrees
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cold Fiction Music, 2012

As one can imagine with such a title, the composer wanted to compose a pack of floating ambient music without drums, imagining chilly, wintery conditions and the beauty hidden inside them. The only spot on the 36-minute EP where drums do show up is in the last section of opener “Nightfall”: they indeed fit in here very well while at the same time expanding on the impact of the music.

The other four tracks offer floating, slow morphing space ambient textures, a drifting and calming sensation whirling things up smoothly in a cocoon of ice, as nicely reflected on the cool reverie “Formation of Frost”. The tracks “Nightfall” and “Travelling in Outer Space” would later on end up on Gterma’s factory-pressed cd “Vega Colony”, but then with improved and remastered sound quality.

“Minus Degrees” is available as free download from the Cold Friction netlabel.


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