Secondface – Transitions

Secondface - Transitions

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Secondface – Transitions
CD, Gterma , 2017

The music on this album had a long way coming as composer Frank Vilbæk Jensen lost quite some drafts due to two severe computer breakdowns as he only made a partial back-up of them. Next to starting on new music to add to the recovered stuff Frank also struggled for a long time finding cohesion and a red thread in the tracks in which he succeeded in the end.

The 74-minute “Transitions” ended up as a 12-track album, a mix of organic live approach and hard-midi editing, covering a wider range of styles than previous and using more melody. Elements of techno-minimalism and ambient dub are still on the menu but less present while the whole sound design (which proves quite hypnotic and mesmerizing) has expanded further into the mellow, chill-out domain.
“Transitions” makes a simple, varied but most effective listen I reckon.


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