Secondface – Vega Colony

Secondface - Vega Colony


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Secondface – Vega Colony
CD, Gterma , 2013

“Vega Colony” is an ambient/spacemusic extravaganza dedicated to the life and work of the late British science fiction illustrator and painter Peter Elson. Its mesmerizing futuristic music though is composed by Secondface, the moniker of Danish musician Frank Vilbæk Jensen, who released some other ambient-dub albums through various netlabels previously. Two tracks on this album (“Nightfall” and “Travelling in Outer Space”) were previously available on Secondface’s Cold Friction release “Minus Degrees”.

On “Vega Colony”, Frank takes his listeners out on a thrilling as fantastic journey into the great and vast beyond, transporting them into deep space in a mind-blowing fashion. In addition, the outcome is highly visual and dynamic, in which lots of fine details can be noticed in the various layers and big soundscapes. Not only does Frank create special yet profound atmospheres and rich sonic dimensions, he also evokes a strong feel of magic and timelessness with his down-tempo influenced ambient dub style.

Things really turn exciting when the drive comes into the music (such as on the lovely moving “Northern Lights” or “A Clear Night Sky” with their deep bass lines), but I also much love the highly cinematic impact firmly embedded in the various celestial textures gracing the sparkling “Vega Colony”.

The excellent mastering-job by A.P. puts the icing on the cake for this stellar release. Highly recommended!


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