Seetyca – Lieder Zum Summen

Seetyca - Lieder Zum Summen

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Seetyca – Lieder Zum Summen
CD, Gterma, 2014

The ambient music I’ve heard so far from German soundartist Seetyca has always fitted in the darker, mysterious category, so what a surprise to see him explore the lighter, uplifting and more contemplative side on “Lieder Zum Summen” (Songs for Humming).

The 70-minute textural soundscape (dedicated to the late Peter “Namlook” Kuhlman) is one of harmony and many subtle changes.The slow evolving outcome, featuring sixteen short songs, is a continuous, soothing moodscape of synthwaves, occasional sequenced/rhythmic passages and organic flavours, all addressing the intimate, melancholic side of things.

“Lieder Zum Summen” though is by no means a smooth, easy-going affair, as the abstract edge is looming around the corner almost constantly. It makes the minimal/hypnotizing recording unpredictable, trippy, deep and pleasantly edgy in order to keep the listeners attention.

Like many other Gterma-releases, this one dares to step out of the ordinary and venture into new territory beyond. On repeated (headphone) listening, “Lieder Zum Summen” will reveal many layers and reveal glimpses of the beauty that lies within.


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