Seetyca – Nemeton

Seetyca - Nemeton

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Seetyca – Nemeton
CD, Winter-Light, 2015

Seetyca’s recording “Nemeton” is named after and/or inspired by a sacred space in ancient Celtic tradition, primarily situated in natural areas, often sacred groves of trees. It’s recommended to all who love deeper listening and immersing in reflective, ongoing expansive aural vistas.

The broadening, highly atmospheric, gloomy and dark drone ambiences and environmental sounds making up the almost 80 minutes fit to the misty, damp and colder conditions of the fall and winter season. Moreover, the 6-track inner journey is one of highly minimalism and consistent, slow shifting textural spheres touching trance and meditative like states occasionally. Next to the stark title piece and the ghostly realms of “Wenn alles aus ist”, a smoother and friendlier sphere reminiscent of Biosphere’s “Substrata” shimmers gently through the aural leaves of “Die Wogen der Unbill” and “Als Licht geh’ ich vor dich hin”. In the end, things dissolve in the gothic-gracious swirling core of “Die Feuer von Samhain” with its funeral-like impact.

As a whole, “Nemeton’s” organic-spiced, subdued vibrant, slow morphing and shapeshifting (nether)world is one of mystery, awareness and inner travel where listener can dwell in a non-obtrusive manner.


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