Seetyca – The Luminous Deep

Seetyca - The Luminous Deep

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Seetyca –Seetyca – The Luminous Deep
CD, Gterma, 2012

“The Luminous Deep” is my second encounter with the ambient/space music of German composer Seetyca. Three long, uninterrupted pieces make up the 80-minute album, that was conceived as a longform reconstruction of Seetyca’s soundtrack to the same-titled short animated movie by Amy Scott-Murray and Kevin Adams. The latter is available on, and explores the fate of a dead whale that sinks to the darkness of the seabed, and successively the way its carcass is food for lots of scavengers and predators living in the deep sea.

The expansive sonic dwellings presented here are profoundly deep and intensely atmospheric dronescapes and quiet digital sequences, all visualizing a gradual ascent into the pitchdark unknown of the deep sea and its hidden habitats. Especially the middle track “Benthic Drift” holds something special for me, as it occasionally made my mind wander back to the wintery farscapes of Schulze’s classic “Mirage”. In the second half of the final piece “Resurrection”, the sound design slightly opens up to almost elevating/angelic effect.

All in all, this headphone music for deep listening is a slow morphing and gently shapeshifting soundtrack for inner travelling while painting grand spaces on a large, at times endless sonic canvas.


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