Seetyca – Winterlicht

Seetyca - Winterlicht


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Seetyca – Winterlicht
CD, Winter-Light, 2017

Slow morphing, cold and profound ambient is on the menu on Seetyca’s concept album “Winterlicht” (a 79-minute effort conceived, played and recorded over three summers between 2014 – 2016) coming up as a continuous odyssey unfolding into a vast white expanse.

Helped by an excellent mixing and mastering job as well as some environmental soundings, the 12 textural mood pieces shift on and on and dissolve from darker shaded territory into soft crystalline rays of light. The hypnotizing effect it evokes during the ride (most certainly when the outcome is experienced with quality headphones) is undeniable and fascinating from start to finish. In addition, the gracefulness yet elevating feel found in and underneath the chilling cold aural spaces is both captivating and mesmerizing. Toward the end of the aural journey the spheres seem to deepen even further before uprising again and becoming full circle on the light-sequenced final track “Global Chillage”.

Overall, “Winterlicht” contains very well accomplished high-quality ambient deserving to be cherished to the full.


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