Seetyca – Zwischenwelten

Seetyca - Zwischenwelten

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Seetyca – Zwischenwelten
CD, Winter-Light , 2015

“Zwischenwelten”, worlds in between, starts out with mysterious whispers and blurred, expansive dronescapes. It’s an entrance into another deep ominous and ghostly world made by of e-maschinen, samplers, ocarina, recorder, zither, voice, trombone, flute and various environmental recordings and sample food where the dark-atmospheric atmospheres reign.

This time around though, experimentation and stark abstract sound design fill the space most of the time in a fragmented, searching and non-cohesive manner, which is a totally different and unexpected experience compared to Seetyca’s other otherworldly stuff I know.

I reckon this heavy recording will only please those having a knack for profound uncanny and surreal ambient.


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