Seifert & Steinbüchel – Softlock

Erik Seifert & Josef Steinbüchel - Softlock


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Erik Seifert & Josef Steinbüchel – Softlock
USB-STICK, Pleasure Sound Music, 2014

“Softlock” a limited edition USB-stick (embedded in a card in the size of a credit card) which premiered at the Schallwelle Award on March 29th 2014 in Planetarium Bochum, Germany, where an outtake from the album was performed live in concert.

Next to 90 minutes of continuous music in two audio formats it contains three short movie show interviews with the two musicians, a “making of”, PDFs with the artwork plus a track to work on for Ableton live users. The vibrant, cosmic-oriented music is presented in 13 varied tracks that -as I learned from the liner notes- involved quite some of improvisation.

From the first track on, a vast range of captiving sounds from both the past and present kick in, glued together in a transparent, structured and meticulousy layered sound design. It´s quite a futuristic yet mellow mood and feel that fills the room, incorporating influences from classic electronics TD, Jarre (“Anamorphic”), Software (“GPRM”) along modern endavours such as Wave World and some talented e-musicians from the UK. There’s also a lyrical side to “Softlock”, such as expressed on tracks like “Lossless” and “Timelapse” and the various smooth solo voices surfacing on the recording.

All in all, “Softlock” makes a solid and well-accomplished effort, although I would have preferred a more convenient release-format.

Update: Mellowjet Records released the album on a double cd-r in November 2015.


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