Seifert & Steinbüchel – The CERN Concert

Seifert & Steinbüchel - The CERN Concert

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Seifert & Steinbüchel – The CERN Concert
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Pleasure Sound Music, 2017

It’s not too farfetched to hear similarities of Schiller, Jarre, modern TD and some Ultimae-artists in Seifert & Steinbüchel’s straightforward, tight and high-tech electronics making up this release.

“The CERN Concert”, a 60-minute live recording from 2010, offers some previously unreleased special remixes from their catalogue. It pairs energetic, pulsating tracks (“CERN Live”, “I.S.O.L.D.E. live”) with shorter, quiet moodscapes (“Electron Live”, “Muon live”) all containing only glimpses of melody but generating a pleasant drive overall.

Rest me to say the sound quality of the solid outcome is excellent, crisp and transparent. Well accomplished guys.


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