Sensory ++ – Art of Sadness

Sensory ++ - Art of Sadness

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Sensory ++ – Art of Sadness

What “Art of Sadness” has in common with releases dealing with the same subject (such as Paul Sauvanet-Tristesse) is the slow progression and calm, emotive impact. The 71-minute outcome –presented in one go on the cd only- is a, sensitive, introspective affair of occasional sequences accompanying a variety of sedate, carefully played synth pads. One can sense there’s a deeper meaning embedded in all six tracks which (I presume) started to materialized step by step after a lot of personal reflection and soulsearching.

Although accessible, the music isn’t that easy at hand on the first few spins. On my part this has to do with a few sequences showing up occasionally but evolving rather peculiar alongside a display of nicely rendered freeform pads carrying several retro-ish flavours. On a few passages it’s like Berlin School and Schulze’s “Body Love” echo in the far distance.

Best to say Joost Egelie’s “Art of Sadness” is an atmospheric mood trip that demands time to sink in and open up. I rate it between 3 and 3.5 stars.



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