Sensory ++ – Exoversum

Sensory ++ - Exoversum

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Sensory++ –  Exoversum
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Art for Ears, 2020

I too often forget some noteworthy electronic music is also produced by my Southern neighbours in Belgium, many of them joining and/or supporting the B-Wave collective.

The music-making up the concept album “Exoversum” (that actually celebrates the 10-year existence of Mr. Egelies’ album “Boundaries of Infinity”) takes the listener out in the open, more specifically the cosmic outdoors through one continuous 71-minute piece made up by 7 interconnected, emotive movements.

Despite a few sections with calm, classic-oriented sequencing and touches of Berlin School, most of the outcome features thick, mysterious, and expansive soundscapes dressed with snippets of NASA communication as well as a few massive bass lines.  I can´t say it all is always that harmonic as there are passages with what I perceive as abstract and rather searching elements, but the recording’s grand opener “Creating the Portal” is a mesmerizing 12-minute pinnacle (reminding me of the work of Johan Geens/Galactic Underground) as is the smooth cool-down unfolding on the closing piece of the same length –but here the last too simplistic sounding minute should have been skipped.

Overall rating: between 3 and 3.5 stars.


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