Sensory ++ – Planet

Sensory ++ - Planet

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Sensory ++ – Planet
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

Sensory++ is a Belgium electronic music project by Joost Egelie, who releases various albums under his own name previously.
“Planet” is a concept album about the fragile relationship between Human and Nature, and how in the end the two find their own way in a far, far future.

To give a voice to the narrative, this has been transferred into a kind of soundtrack addressing the ambient/space style. I for one think the new project has given wings to the musicianship of Mr Egelie, as the outcome paints evocative, ethereal sonic landscapes full of body and emotion extending on his previous works.The outcome very much relies on the power and depth of aptly layered freeform soundscapes along occasional symphonic hints and heavy beats. Meanwhile, an uplifting vibe continues to shine through the vibrant, gently sparkling spaces most of the time while the drifting current rises and fall or subtly moves sideways.

I feel the music gains even more expression while touching captivating territory on the two 10-minute pieces, both found in the second half of the release. Especially the feeling of release felt on the last few minutes of “Over the Threshold” is simply mesmerizing. “A new Beginning” makes a fine outing in a kindred, uplifting sphere, bringing “Planet” to a moody ending. All in all, well done, Joost!

If one buys the digital download version of the release, another three tracks are offered as a bonus.



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