Sequenced Reality – Almost Morning Now

Sequenced Reality - Almost Morning Now

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Sequenced Reality – Almost Morning Now
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2021

After Syndrone was put to an end, André Theelen continued to listen to electronic music, only making music on his own took a back seat. In the past 10-15 years he’s been mainly been involved in video (music videos and a short sf film) aside from building his own modular synthesizers.

During a jam session with some self-built new modules in January 2021 in his private studio, things suddenly seemed to click which urged André to work on the tracks with more focus. Thus, the first two tracks were created from live performances on the modular they were further developed in the DAW. By adding other synths as well as various self-made samples and field recordings, the tracks were created eventually. During the process, the computer was applied as a multitrack recorder and not, as in the past with Syndrone, as a MIDI sequencer.

The 11-minute title track is an atmospheric, cinematic-ish ambient piece starting out with tapestries of textures that built-in intensity and vastness, complimented by a poignant beat kicking in a bit later. The shorter “Nowhere” is a different breed with its freestyle, minimalist sound signature, steady beat, and airy soundscaping. For the final track “When you find out why” an iPad app was used as a starting point where the audio was also guided through external effects and further processed in the computer. It’s a tranquil, enchanting, soft glistening ambient piece evolving for almost 12-minutes with a gentle touch of melancholy and longing. I sincerely hope more is to follow.



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