Sequentia Legenda – Alcyone

Sequentia Legenda - Alcyone


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Sequentia Legenda – Alcyone
CD/Digital Download, Private Release, 2023

Here´s another fine Sequentia Legenda album filled with long-form tracks for every Berlin School/late ’70s Schulze aficionado seeing the French composer express his profound passion and admiration for the genre another time around.

The pairing of lengthy sequencer patterns, rhythmic structures, choral pads, and emotive textures into expansive cosmic atmospheric scenery is well done while adding a progressive, minimalist nod during the process of molding and shaping the outcome. “Alcyone’s” emotive, expertly layered music triggers and resonates positive, warm vibrations and uplifts the mind simultaneously, even into beautiful hypnotic states when one listens to it all in one go through quality headphones. The release, inspired by the Great Central Sun, finishes surprisingly with a short three-and-a-half minute sequenced-driven piece, a composition that literally invited itself during the recording process when an initial part of the music had to be reworked.  Chapeau, Laurent!


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