Sequentia Legenda – Amira

Sequentia Legenda - Amira

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Sequentia Legenda – Amira
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

Sequentia Legenda (aka Laurent Schieber), hereby presents another Berlin School oriented work with lots of emotional currents and sensitivities at its core.

“Amira” (a tribute to the composer’s future wife) is featured in a short and a long version. It’s painting a slow evolving, shapeshifting, elevating and rather complex aural landscape with vast choir pads and various neo-classical textures, along a subtle rhythm and minimal sequences. The pairing of all elements is very well done, reminding of the progression and elevating/uplifting feel on Schulze’s “Moondawn” to which one easily imagines Harald Grosskopf on drums accompanying things in a subtle, holdback manner. The long (21-minute) version though creates the most impact, sketching out grand cosmic vistas with distant horizons.

The aforementioned is complemented by the 20-minute “Somewhere”, a track which composer Mr Schieber aimed to sound mysterious and spiritual, a blend of warm, analog landscapes and digital, more crystalline atmospherics. While unfolding in the first 9 minutes, Schulze’s “Dune” blended with his classic ’70’s work comes to mind. Thereafter, Grosskopf-drums and sequences step right up while Moog-like sounds and those of digital oscillators fly by in the choir textures with still no solo voice of any kind in sight. Halfway, the whole sonic constellation is dismantled carefully, slowing down the various dynamics at play within the minimalist cosmic ride.
Make sure you pick up a copy of this release if “Blue Dream” impressed you.


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