Sequentia Legenda – Beyond the Stars

Sequentia Legenda - Beyond the Stars

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Sequentia Legenda – Beyond the Stars
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2020

On each new album Laurent Schieber keeps pushing the boundaries while expressing his enduring passion for (and presenting his interpretation of) classic Schulze Berlin School electronics. On “Beyond the Stars”, once again featuring lengthy sonic excursions only, Laurent has started riding the cosmic waves even more profound.

The 66-minute recording takes off with the 30-minute “Experimental” –featuring Tommy Betzler on drums and one of the longest tracks of SL´s discography so far- on which Sequentia Legenda paints a grand landscape of in-depth celestial spheres and vast expanses spiced with various breaks and a long string of shifting sequencer patterns. This body of work really propels further into cosmic environs when choir pads fade in around the 20-minute mark. Next is the vaporous “Float among the Stars”, a gentle 14-ride of smooth sparkling, glowing sequences backed by warm pads. “Beyond from the Beyond”, referred to as a revised version of the “Circumnavigation” track released in April 2020, is floating yet dreamful and peacefull affair with a steady sequence I feel could do with a bit more body.

All in all “Beyond the Stars” is another nice achievement fans of Sequentia Legenda and Berlin School music can purchase without hesitation.



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