Sequentia Legenda – Celestial

Sequentia Legenda – Celestial  


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Sequentia Legenda  – Celestial
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2021

With “Celestial”, Laurent Schiebert adds another chapter to his extended vision of classic Berlin School music while prolonging the cosmic style explored on his previous album “Beyond the Stars”. This time around though, drummer Tommy Betzler isn’t joining him on “this entrance into a new horizon” that features three 20-minute tracks taking the listener into the expanses of the cosmic outdoors.

The outcome is a complex, minimalist work -a tad less dynamic and pure traditional School School to my ears- with occasional symphonic, elevating, mystic and spiritual components along various gentle, hypnotic hooks shining through as each composition unfolds gradually.

Overall I feel “Celestial’s” repetitive sonic character combined with the length of each track doesn’t make things bloom nor stir emotions in the sense I’ve been accustomed to, but this may be just me.


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