Sequentia Legenda – Over There

Sequentia Legenda - Over There

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Sequentia Legenda – Over There
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2019

Since his fine debut “Blue Dream” in 2014, French synthesist Laurent Schieber made his own personal journey through electronic music, most notably composing his own extended vision of the classic Berlin School style of the mid 70’s until the mid ‘80’s in particular. “Over There” sees a culmination of that passion as is travels back in time to the year 1984 when a 19-year old Laurent had gathered some analogue gear in his private home studio to create his imagined project “Over There”. Some 35 years later, this album revisits Laurent’s musical dream from his youth for which he applied digital synths along modern sound technology and recording tools instead of the vintage stuff.

The result consists of three long unwinding tracks, opener “The Return” being the most dynamic, emotive and captivating. Driving sequencer patterns, vast synth textures, drifting choir pads (but no solo voices) make up this 27-minute minimalist excursion, sonically staying close to the vintage Schulze sound as well as his typical composing structure. The careful layering and shift of textures is key here as it is on the next one. “Floating Time” creates its own 21-minute hypnotic continuum with its twinkeling opening, Schulzian broadening pads and choir texures moving and shifting onward accompanied by some of Tommy Betzler’s drumming. Here, pleasant realms of “X” and “Live…” fly by. In my opinion, the 24-minute “Mind Lake” (referred to as introspective Berlin School music) somehow contains far less of the enchanting spirit and passion of the former pieces, as this dwelling in synth pad minimalism turns static in the long run.

Despite this last minor exercise the previous two tracks legit grabbing a copy of this 72-minute electronic opus I reckon.


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