Sequentia Legenda – Renaissance

Sequentia Legenda - Renaissance


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Sequentia Legenda – Renaissance
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2018

Laurent Schieber’s fifth album “Renaissance” (working title “Immersion”) is another dedication and a further attempt to come as close as possible to the core sound of the vintage era of electronic music and the roots of the Berlin School using modern instrumentation and techniques. The latter made it easier to implement multiple nuances and subtleties in the very Schulze-esque string of sounds unfolding in a hypnotizing manner before the listeners ears.

Sequentia Legenda eventually created three extended compositions in almost constant transformation and motion (“Out of the Silence”, “Ici et Maintenant” and “Valentins Traum”) where retro sequencer patterns mingle with emotive strings pads and evocative choir tapestries. In addition, Laurent reworked the original 9-minute version of “Out of the Silence” (a collaborative track with Kurtz Mindfields found on album “The Dreaming Void” of the latter) composed in February 2017 for this release and extended it to the current 22-minute piece including a haunting, very atmospheric finale.

For all three sound universes goes minimalist-retro Schulze is knocking on the door including several gentle breaks and rhythms. “Valentins Traum” (dedicated and a gift to Laurent’s youngest son diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder) is notable for its emotive, subtle resonating and glistening sound design as it journeys onward. Keep in mind repeated listening will reveal “Renaissance’s” full potential of spheres and beautiful constellation of intrinsic layers.
Hat’s off Laurent!


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