Sequentia Legenda – Resonances

Sequentia Legenda - Resonances

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Sequentia Legenda – Resonances
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2022

With “Resonance”, French synthesist Laurent Schiebert takes his listeners back into the cosmic realms of Berlin School music transported in the here and now with three long tracks. In his words, he’s now “ascending towards even brighter energies and ever more spiritual vibrations”. To me, it seems the composer spends even more time on the gradual building and layering of assorted synth pads, and choir tapestries and fusing them meticulously with long strings of modulated sequencer patterns and sound effects.

This approach applies most certainly to the 29-minute opener “Enter into Resonance” where we enter the grand aural spheres that (on and off) recall Schulze’s classic studio recordings and live concerts of the ’70s but without any soloing.  The immersive, hypnotic vibe is evoked by the slow, repetitive progression that’s -still- marking Sequentia Legenda’s music, but when choir pads enter the stage sooner or later it all simply gets wings. And then there is the intrinsic, soft sparkling drive running all the way through a myriad of complex, spiraling structures making up the third, the more dynamic-spiced track “Heavenly Resonance”. With this release, I’d say Mr. Schiebert has got back to the standard I’m used to.


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