Serge Blenner – Musique de Chambre

Serge Blenner - Musique de Chambre

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Serge Blenner – Musique de Chambre
CD, MdeC Editions, 2008

“Musique de Chambre” is the 17th album by the French/German musician Serge Blenner, who lives in Hamburg for quite some years now.

The 12 tracks on the 24-bit audiophile recording are completely composed on a virtual chamber orchestra of electronics, for which Serge applied e.g. VSL Vienna Orchestra, Bela D Media Divas and Multitrack Digital Sequencing as a sound library.

The music blends delicately atmospheres of emotion and melody, in which a whole range of classic instruments are applied, ranging from harp and piano to strings, soprano voices and various wind instruments.
Especially the track “Symbiose” has a very nice, uplifting, enthralling effect.

Of course one can argue that these all sounds (Musique de Computer) are artificial, but the outcome is overall relaxing and well executed.
Those who love a strong classical approach towards electronic music should check out this recording.



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