Serge Devadder – Cambrian

Serge Devadder - Cambrian

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Serge Devadder – Cambrian
CD, Private Release, 2014

Spacious ambient textures, loops, minimalist patterns, subtle sequencing and some treated guitar are the elements making up “Cambrian”, the first full-length album by Belgium sound artist Serge Devadder, who now resides in Germany.

The opening piece with its positive, soft sparkling atmosphere immediately made me think of Erik Wollo, a thought that would pass by a few more times. The biggest part music of “Cambrian” (collecting works from 1992-2014) though travels deeper and features lots of reverb and heavily treated samples. The adventurous result addresses both organic and aquatic environs while spreading a dense and profound array of dreamy atmospheres triggering the imagination.

“The venomous splendor” and the first half of “Just another Prophet” are the only tracks sounding rather unbalanced, quirky and too abstract/experimental to my ears. “Dark God” though is an intriguing exercise in vintage electronics and sequencing while closer “Lattice Lament” makes a surreal, feverish, ghostly and otherworldly soundscape sucking the listener into its deep, liquid mass.

I’d say the 67-minute “Cambrian” is for those ambient fans looking for something different, enigmatic and connected to the organic world, riding the edge and daring to venture into no man’s land.


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