Serge Devadder – Ganda

Serge Devadder - Ganda

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Serge Devadder – Ganda
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2016

At first glance, “Ganda” (Gent), of which the most part was recorded live in concert during Cosmic Nights in spring 2016 and taken straight from the mixing desk, seems to head toward Loren Nerell’s Gamelan-inspired music. That resemblance pops up a few more times later on, but there’s much more to the smartly crafted, shadowy and sometimes even dense sounding ambient of composer Serge Devadder. Although now residing in Bavaria, Germany for 16 years, the former Belgian artist still keeps a strong emotional connection to Brussels, Bruges and some other cities in that country.

The fine mix of treated loops, dense textures, various environmental recordings (Paris, along nature surrounding Bavarian lakes and Belgian coast) and occasional sequences has an enchanting, dreamy yet intimate character, reaching its pinnacle on “Broken Bird”, “Rheumatoid Pollard Willow” and lovely sequenced “De Bruges à Gand”. It’s a pity though a few brief noisy passages are also part of the outcome (e.g. “Severe Dream Damage”), as they derange the continuous, carefully molded mood and spherescapes. Instead I prefer the more harmonic “Mild Dream Damage” found as one of the two “afterthought” tracks.

Despite Serge’s contemporary-impressionist ambient style and its distinct darker flavor isn’t always that easy at hand, it ticks sufficient boxes to be rewarding/worth investigating for anyone into deeper textural electronic ambiences.


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