Shaded Explorer – Empatia

Shaded Explorer - Empatia

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Shaded Explorer – Empatia
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silent Season, 2016

Like in every subgenre of music, there are lots of mediocre recordings floating around. When it comes to electronic ambient-dub, Italian composer Emanuele Pertoldi (aka Shaded Explorer) is one of those positive exceptions.

His second album “Empatia” recounts a personal vision of empathy with people and nature who still respect the treasures surreounded us. What awaits the listeners is expansive sonic scenery of emotive, spaced-out techno/dub music never becoming heavy, obstrusive or superficial, instead remaining gentle, inspirational and evocative all the way. It’s a journey travelling inward to a secluded and inmate sanctuary where calming and hypnotizing aural perfumes grace the spheres along a few mesmerizing rhythmic/sequenced interludes.

“Empatia” is a sonic narrative with a chill-out edge for all who love trippy electronics and warm, intruiging soundscapes for escape.



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