Shane Morris & Mystified – Epoch

Shane Morris & Mystified - Epoch

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Shane Morris & Mystified – Epoch
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2012

From the liner notes on the cd, I learned the four-part “Epoch” is the first installment of a trilogy entitled “Inspired Evolution”. The latter is a concept-triptych about prehistoric time and evolution.

To create the four lenghty tracks making up “Epoch”, Shane Morris and Mystified (aka Thomas Park) used no electronic sounds such as synths. Instead, these composers of ambient-atmospheric soundscapes applied acoustic sound sources only (lots of brass/trombone drone textures along didj, bass drum, assorted percussion, bowed gong and vibraphone) that were all processed heavily. This all with the purpose to visualize the primeval, mystical environments and the giant prehistoric creatures living in it as best as possible.

The deep and vast organic textures create resonating atmospheres and alienating breathing spaces echoing both the prehistoric sound world and the giants animal life in stereo. It even gets a bit scary on the fourth track “Jurrasic Dawn”.

Summerizing: “Epoch” is a different and quite hard piece of cake as it goes back to primitive techniques to capture contemporary sounds. This said, it’s only recommended if you appreciate minimal, longform and strong organic dronescapes with an occasional spooky and forboding impact. Headphones are recommended during this atmospheric trip, meant for deep listening.

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