Shane Morris & Mystified – Evolution

Shane Morris & Mystified - Evolution

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Shane Morris & Mystified – Evolution
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2014

What I got here is the second installment of the “Inspired Evolution” , a triple concept-release about prehistoric time and evolution. As can be expected, the highly atmospheric, free form and organic ambient music takes up the trail where its predecessor “Epoc” left us. In this stage, reptiles enter the scene and have started to invade the land.

The five lengthy and cinematic soundscapes sound most vibrant and alive, and –compared to “Epoch”– they are also more accessible and friendly to the ears. Nonetheless, these deep dronescapes without the faintest trace of any melody are spiced with dense textures and poignant environmental noises/clicks, entering fascinating mysterious realms before the minds eye. On “To the Icy Peaks”, a profound sense of remoteness and something foreboding settles down without getting too disturbing.

To get the full scope and impact of the intense and well-rendered listening experience, good headphones are a must. All in all, this quality outcome makes me eagerly looking forward to the culmination of this prehistoric sound stage.

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