Shaped Signs – Nature’s Odyssey

Shaped Signs - Nature's Odyssey

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Shaped Signs – Nature’s Odyssey
CD, Invisible Shadows, 2004

“Nature’s Odyssey” is the debut-album of the German duo Volker Kaufmann and Ron Grahnert. Some rumours shortly after the release spoke of instrumental Mike Oldfield-like music.
Well, what we got here is 60+ minutes of nature-inspired symphonic music which offers a lot of detail next to the use of some environmental sounds.

Both musicians are fond of using thick layers of melodic sound, bass-undercurrents and varied interplay of rhythms and percussion, which makes up for quite a progressive piece of work. Personally, I feel the soloing e-guitar is sometimes a bit too prominent, also as it shows up in almost every track.
The seventh track “Canyons” starts with some groovy, techno-like samples, which is a bit of an odd thing compared to the other used sounds.

Nonetheless, this accessible concept-album will certainly appeal to a lot of EM-fans, especially those who like to listen to F.D. Project or other instrumental Pink Floydish-stuff.
Mastering and final production are outstanding.



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