Siddhartha Barnhoorn – Celestial Spaces

Siddhartha Barnhoorn - Celestial Spaces

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Siddhartha Barnhoorn – Celestial Spaces Spacetones
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2021

“Celestial Spaces”, offering one continuous 59-minute track, is an immersive and enchanting journey into the deep end of the galactic expanse that I strongly recommend to experience with headphones. Here, the velvet soundcapes and smooth drift Siddhartha explored on the pinnacle track “Santuary” from his “Structures of Light” release comes to full bloom. Attentive listening will reveal various gentle (under)currents of tension running throughout the full track as it morphs, flows and transforms subtle around its axis while exploring the magnitude and infinity of the grand outdoors.

Suffice to say anyone who loves atmospheric space music of freeform, non-melodic nature will want to dig this very fine recording. Both thumbs up, Sidd!


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