Siddhartha Barnhoorn – Pillars of Light

Siddhartha Barnhoorn - Pillars of Light

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Siddhartha Barnhoorn – Pillars of Light
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

At the time I got in touch with and discovered Siddaharta’s album “Structures of Light”, the composer also send me “Pillars of Light” from 2011. The latter is a spacious deep ambient drift in its own right featuring a 34-minute mysterious-atmospheric ambience with captivating currents of tension and dynamic along a cinematic vibe.

“Pale Moon” and “Nebulae” both dwell in ethereal realms while the two evocative opening tracks combine orchestral and tribal-infused elements. Overall, it’s cosmic music with slow moving and shape shifting textures for headphone listeners. The title piece found at the end is another fine effort with its velvet, longing and gentle phasing soundscapes.

The whole outcome though would benefit from some more work to achieve further depth and expansive impact of the sound design I reckon.


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