SiJ & Sergey Gabbasov – Perseides

SiJ & Sergey Gabbasov - Perseides

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SiJ & Sergey Gabbasov – Perseides
CD, Gterma, 2016

“Perseides” is the second ethnographical aural journey by Vladislav Sikach (aka SiJ) and Sergey Gabbasov on the Swedish Gterma label. This time around, the continuous, almost 80-minute outcome is a blend 12 tracks, all travelling on the mystery road to places far away in the Mongol region.

The music of often led by ethnic percussion and flutes, to which a large array of acoustic sound sources, elevating electronic soundscapes, occasional throat singing and moody field recordings are added.
On several spots though, like on “Armenia, the use of flutes could have been less in favor of the spacious textural dwellings.

Overall, synths play a minor role on this tribal recording while the electronics add a gritty, crispy flavor (like on “Braj”) to the acoustic and flute-dominated ethno-scapes, which ends in a kind of groovy ethno-beat.



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