SiJ & Sergey Gabbasov – Zhang Zhung

SiJ & Sergey Gabbasov - Zhang Zhung

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SiJ & Sergey Gabbasov – Zhang Zhung
CD, Gterma, 2015

What I got here is a Himalayan-inspired, slow evolving and grand sounding soundscape meticulously put together by Ukraine composer Vladislav Sikach (aka SiJ) and ethnomusicologist Sergey Gabbasov.

The two have come up with a captivating 80-minute tapestry of assorted sounds, textures and environmental recordings that’s most cinematic, enchanting and evocative. Imagine a mixture of Mathias Grassow, Parikrama and David Parsons pulled into a grand but minimalist sound design of two lengthy pieces of 36 and 43 minutes each where mesmerizing monk chant and a variety of authentic ethnic instruments pass by to hypnotizing effect. When you dig this free form stuff with quality headphones plus no other distractions, “Zhang Zhung” sure will result in an expansive ambient mind trip visualizing ancient mysteries and places along quite otherworldly vistas.

This securely mastered and detailed sounding recording is recommended to all who love deep listening/ hallucinogenic ambient, very suitable to break away from nowadays busy worldly affairs.



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