Simon Lomax – 5 Textures

Simon Lomax - 5 Textures

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Simon Lomax – 5 Textures
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Council of Nine, 2015

Dissolving and immersion in the beckoning silence of a foggy world would be an appropriate description in a nutshell for Simon Lomax’s release “5 Textures”.

The spacious, gentle evolving glide of emotive, cinematic-flavored and at times slightly blurred soundscapes on each of the six tracks merges the ethereal, the surreal and the timeless with a range of sophisticated samples, tools, reverb, filters and echoes while playing a highly processed guitar. The first glimpses of the latter where already present on “A Glimmer of Memory”, where minimalist textural landscapes gave a voice to silent, hidden environs.

The smooth, subtle layered atmospherics and occasional piano notes on the 41-minute “5 Textures” all submerge into a deeper scale of things, especially on the glowing “Sometimes I Disappear” and “An Echo, Unseen” where the treated sounds of the stringed instrument simply swirl and create an elevated sonic aura. The last two pieces tip over the edge, both addressing an introspective, lucid aural realm on the beauty of isolation and remoteness. The composer refers to it as emotional on a visceral level.

This meticulously crafted, intrinsic and in-depth soundscape music of “5 Textures” lines up nicely next to those by Dirk Serries, Jeff Pearce and Steve Roach, though airs its own distinct character, alternate cinematic narrative and inner dimensions.


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