Simon Lomax – A Glimmer of Memory

Simon Lomax - A Glimmer of Memory

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Simon Lomax – A Glimmer of Memory
CD/LP, Txt Recordings/Private Release, 2014

First a few words of the composer on this ambient work of art, taken from his website/SoundCloud page: “I’ve often thought about the way that we perceive memories. It was one early morning when I was out running in the Somerset countryside seeing a few rays of sunlight breaking through the cloud cover, illuminating just a few areas of the ground so intensely, that I saw the metaphor; our memories are like spot-lit glimpses into our past. Inspired, I set about exploring some of my own most vivid memories and giving them a soundtrack. The result is “A Glimmer of Memory”.”

Well, the almost 53-minute outcome is profound intrinsic and introspective but also a bit edgy, coming in waves while spreading a chilly but pleasant aural scent. At the same time, it also features smooth neo-classical hints (such as on the third track “At First Sight”). It’s again a warp of silence where time and place seem to have dissolved somehow while the textures morph and evolve in minimalist form and the trail of remembrance takes shape. A sense of mourning or depression isn’t present though.

Without doubt, the fourth piece (“Point of Reflection”) is my favorite, entering a deep, dense world with floating, hollow-sounding textural elements and this repetitive, sprinkling/metallic sound effect. The inspired “Lost in Venice” expands on this sphere imminently.
This is ambient music meant for deeper listening and a good pair of headphones.

“A Glimmer of Memory” is made available as strictly limited edition through UK’s Txt Recordings (cd) or through the composer (vinyl).


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