Simon Lomax – A Strange Light

Simon Lomax - A Strange Light


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Simon Lomax – A Strange Light
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Council of Nine, 2017

Simon’s intention for “A Strange Light” was a sonic exploration of the different forms and meanings of light. Well, the album’s eight compositions are vaporous, ethereal and freeform ambient drifts featuring strong emotive (under)currents and occasional senses of yearning. This is expressed most generously through the rays of light making up “A Heart filled with Hope” or the intimate shimmering pearls of light carried onward on the Eno-eque “Hidden Descent”.

The feel of gliding and immersing further inward continues on the next tracks, its sound remembering a bit of David Helpling’s soft swirling guitar-ambient work. The sense of longing and timelessness grows stronger on the slow spiraling waves of the last three pieces, dissolving fluidly on “Adrift” as the listener travels into the distance, across the view and beyond.

“A Strange Light” ticks all the boxes for aficionados of freeform high-quality ambient/atmospheric aural vistas I reckon.


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