Simon Lomax – eM

Simon Lomax - eM

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Simon Lomax – eM
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Council of Nine, 2020

As for many other artists Covid19 brought a period of pause. In case of Simon Lomax it allowed him to turn to and reflect on some neglected work in the form of a 22-minute Ep of some experimental pieces he’d dabbled with on and off over the past few years.

Sonically, the four pieces found here is something different from his ambient space music: they are all based around self-imposed limitations, such as the number of instruments or amount of time allowed to create the initial piece. Lomax signature atmospheric style is still present but at the same time it also explores some more electronic and rhythmic elements.

Opener “Outrunning the Rain” is a harsher, bit unpolished piece to crack while “The City Whispers Quietly” offers some pleasant slices of shoegaze. In a way the minimal- sequenced “Encouraging The Machine To Breathe” gives a certain voice to Artificial Intelligence while the mellow, gentle pulsating spheres making up “Still Movement” could have progressed and lingered on a bit longer.




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