Simon Lomax – How the Shadow Falls

Simon Lomax - How the Shadow Falls

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Simon Lomax – How the Shadow Falls
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Council of Nine, 2019

The inner world explored on “How the Shadow Falls” is one of intense and profound textural ambiences extending further the emotive realm of its predecessors. Applying synthesisers, samples, effects and highly processed guitar, composer Simon Lomax delivered 7 studio improvisations wandering through desolate, dark-shaded aural landscapes revealing a gentle slumbering cinematic current occasionally.

The contemplative expanse of soft glistening shimmers and pastel colors is meant for deeper listening delivering additional insights and layers on repeated spins. “For The Heartache Still to Come”, a lush vapor to dwell effortlessly, rounds out the 58-minute emotive trip effectively.

The physical edition of “How the Shadow Falls” is limited to 100 factor-pressed cds while the download comes as a hi-res 24 bit 96kHz WAV or 320kpbs MP3.


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