Simon Lomax – Notes from the Void Vol. 1

Simon Lomax - Notes from the Void Vol. 1

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Simon Lomax – Notes from the Void, Vol. 1
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Council of Nine, 2021

The process creating the music for “Notes from the Void” turned out a little different than Mr Lomax used to do on previous recordings: a friend and personal mentor suggested a title as a starting point along an ambitious deadline for each track. Simon learned this new approach benefits from considered bursts of focus away from distractions and that occasionally he needed a little more time to fully allow the musical ideas to develop.

The atmospheric result is a 55-minute work featuring six freeform ambient-guitar soundscapes where the introspective and melancholic shake hands firmly. In addition I feel there’s something thought-provoking and nocturnal shimmering between the slow evolving current of wavering, attentively layered textures. This arises especially profound on “Illusion of Substance” as it swirls effortlessly in a lush, fluid expanse before reaching out to symphonic-ethereal heights on “Time Lapse”. On the final track, “The Awakening Paradox”, things wind down in immersive, introspective spherescapes.

Those who want a hardcopy of the album shouldn’t wait too long as only 100 factor-pressed cds have been manufactured.



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