Simon Lomax – These Tranquil Winds

Simon Lomax - These Tranquil Winds

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Simon Lomax – These Tranquil Winds

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2023

On “These Tranquil Winds”, skilled UK ambient composer Simon Lomax (formerly known as Maitreya) dives deeper into a fascinating, slow-moving transcendental world of textures and atmospheres. “The Vastness of it All” kicks off the 44-minute release most nicely into a dynamic drifting expanse before things shift into the melancholic, ethereal, and lush sonic perfume of the title track. The use of ambient guitar becomes more apparent on the gliding, pulse movement-driven “Primordial” as well as on the emotive yet elevating textures making up the beautiful resonating “The Memory of Water”. Melancholy is shimmering gently through the resonant leaves of the final (also longest) track “That which is missing may not be lost”, where the ambient guitar yearns once more. Again, only 100 factor-pressed CDs have been manufactured for those who still cherish a hard copy.


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