Simon Lomax – We Echo Endlessly

Simon Lomax - We Echo Endlessly

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Simon Lomax – We Echo Endlessly
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Council of Nine, 2020

In November 2015, UK soundscapist Simon Lomax crossed the big pond for the first time for playing a live-set at Chuck van Zyl’s Star’s End Radio show, an experience he repeated in November 2019. The set played during the latter is now made available as “We Echo Endlessly”, a one-hour improvised performance that -according the composer- felt in many ways an evolution of the previous live-to-air concert, this time perhaps it deepened even further.

Once again created with samples, synths and processed guitar, the result is a tranquil, moody, attentively molded affair venturing into deep, overall introspective textural spheres and ethereal spaces, swirling fluidly in the now as well as in possible realities beyond.  Around the 30-minute mark, a few soft piano keys enter the scene. It’s the starting point of a gradual shift with a few additional pastel colors while the sedate, gracious drift gains a bit more volume and subdued intensity.

I concur with Simon the beautifully mastered “We Echo Endlessly” is definitely something to listen to late at night at low volume allowing the atmospheres to unfold gently and slowly.




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