Simon Lomax – Zone of Cold

Simon Lomax - Zone of Cold


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Simon Lomax – Zone of Cold
CD, Private Release, 2013

As Simon states, “Zone of Cold” had a long time coming, as his last effort “.74” (made under the Maitreya-moniker) hails back to 2004. Meanwhile, the Maitreya-project has ceased to be. Its immersive and overall lush ambient soundings are now more or less carried on.

With this title, one might expect harsh, clinical soundings, but its introspective sonic content reveals a world of beautiful stillness and warmth, which Mr Lomax likes to refer to as holographic ethereal quality.

The sixth Council of Nine release “Zone of Cold” is a one-hour deep and emotive atmosphere made up of ten individual pieces. It presents an inner world in balance, softly blooming and glowing as its veil is gradually lifted, and in the end is passed on to a gentle breeze.

The free form, slow morphing textures and precisely layered soundscapes evoke a vast and remote environment in which various smooth levels can be discerned. On “Warmed by the emerging Light” and “Hidden Within”, even a sense of circular movement shows up in the vapor sketches and infinite drifting space. A feel of the latter very nicely surfaces on “Crystalline Air” and the smooth resonating “The Calm Before”, while minimal piano keys accompany the lyrical “With Dark Intent”. The great wide open reveals itself on the key-track “In the “Shadow of Winter” before all dissolves in the incredible stillness of the vaporous “This Fragile Veil”. The excellent mastering and production put the icing on the cake here.

All in all, the 61-minute “Zone of Cold” is a well-accomplished ambient/space installment entering a new dimension of surreal whiteness. It is best experienced and cherished with quality headphones.


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