Simon Slator – Piano in the Rain

Simon Slator - Piano in the Rain

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Simon Slator – Piano in the Rain
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Webbed Hand Records, 2014

“Piano in the Rain” is a long form piece based on a composition of the same name which the Simon Slator (known previously as Cold Sun) made almost ten years before. It’s been transformed from a 7-minute New Age piece, into a euphoric 48-minute ambient epic using PreSonus Studio One, Paulstretch and iZotope Oxygen 5.

The original version was one of two compositions, salvaged from a hard disk crash, and released before taking an 8-year break from music. In extending and reworking the already calm and hypnotic piece, the outcome became something completely new, much warmer and mesmerising. As in the words of the composer: “The original sounded like you were there in the middle of the downpout, but this new version was like being cocooned and protected from the torrent outside”.

So if you’re looking for a smooth evolving, tranquil and velvet ambience, “Piano in the Rain” will be a good choice.

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