Simon Wilkinson – Cryosleep Dreams

Simon Wilkinson - Cryosleep Dreams

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Simon Wilkinson – Cryosleep Dreams
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

Simon Wilkinson is a UK-based composer for film, TV & documentary who composed a collection of atmospheric and imaginary space music for “Cryosleep Dream”.

Being an avid fan of the genre for many years, I’ve been accustomed to some high and essential criteria to make this type of music stand out and shine the most. The ten tracks of slow transforming, drifting, peaceful and deep drone textures feature no rhythm or structure and are aptly composed.

Entering further into the almost continuous and overall soothing soundscape I started to feel this though could do with some further expansive, open and lush sound design to give the outcome some sparkling hints and captivating impact. Now these gentle and subdued waveforms come forward a bit crammed and compressed at places (like on “Binary Storm”). On the other hand, maybe the composer aims particularly to sound this way and is it me who am “spoiled”.



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