Sine Amplitude – Hypnotized

Sine Amplitude - Hypnotized

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Sine Amplitude – Hypnotized

Sine Amplitude hails from Germany and is made up by Torsten M. Abel, aka TMA (synthesizer, sequencer and programming), Andreas Aulke (drums, cajon and percussion) and Martin Rohleder (acoustic- and electronic guitars, keyboards).

Their album “Hypnotized” present 73 minutes of fresh melodic-instrumental music that connects the sound of classic Kraut Rock with Berlin School and progressive rockmusic. Martin’s guitar style sounds like a crossover of Frank Dorittke and Manuel Gottching while Mr Abel’s synth playing is joyous and lively. In addition, the bands displays a captivating cinematic style on the biggest part of “Angst”.

Compared to the other eight tracks, only “Children’s Eyes” and “Deception” appear not so solid and captivating. “Splendid Road’s” instrumental electronic rock rounds out “Hypnotized. Overall, this recording is for those liking general melodic EM with a punch.



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